Building Nature Cities - Andrew Bromberg

Forfatter: Aaron Betsky, Andrew Bromberg
Sider: 288
Sprog: Engelsk
Udgivelsesår: 2018
Udgiver: Thames & Hudson
Varenummer: udl18049
Levering: Lagervare. Forventet leveringstid inden for 5-12 hverdage
Drawing on a series of conversations and exploratory walks in major Asian cities including Singapore and Ghuangzou architecture critic Aaron Betsky reveals how Bromberg visualizes his settings and locates his designs within the complex and dynamic contexts in which they appear. Interspersed amid these urban reflections is a largely visual presentation of over twenty of Bromberg s most exciting recent projects across Asia and the Middle East. Together these comprise a monograph manifesto that offers a singular vision for the cities that will shape our future world.